World MTBO Championships

Junior World MTBO Championships


August, 26-31 2013


IOF MTBO World Cup
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Important Information


24.08 Saturday Arrival of teams
25.08 Sunday Arrival of teams
26.08 Monday Model Event, Opening Ceremony

27.08 Tuesday Sprint (Tapa);
          MTBO World Cup Event 6
28.08 Wednesday Middle (Mõedaka);
          MTBO World Cup Event 7
29.08 Thursday Rest day
30.08 Friday Relay (Rakvere);
          MTBO World Cup Event 8
31.08 Saturday Long , (Valgehobusemäe);
          MTBO World Cup Event 9
         Official Closing Ceremony and Banquet
01.09.2013 Sunday Departure of teams


  • Preliminary entries, Accommodation booking 05.05.2013
  • Payment of entry fee and accommodation
    (WMTBOC, JWMTBOC) 13.07.2013
  • Transport booking (including payment) 13.07.2013
  • Final entries 02.08.2013
  • Open competition entries 20.08.2013
  • Payment of Open competition entry fees 20.08.2013



Congratulations to the long distance winners! 31.08.2013 (17:00)

So the World MTBO Championships of 2013 are almost over, the prize-giving ceremony and banquet still ahead. Congratulations to today’s long distance winners. 
Today Krystof Bogar (CZE) was victorious in the men’s class with the time of 1:55:24. Second place went to Samuli Saarela (FIN) with the time of 1:58:30 and third to Anton Foliforov with the time of 1:59:20. 
Bogar also finished third in sprint competition. He and his team also won yesterday’s relay. Bogar said that he is in very good shape. 
Finnish women were successful today – Marika Hara won the gold medal with the time of 1:42:41. Susanna Laurila was second with the time of 1:45:34. Third place went to Cecilia Thomasson with the time of 1:46:46. 
Cedric Beill (FRA) has done incredibly well in Estonia winning four gold medals in the men’s junior class. Today he won the gold medal in long distance competition with with the time of 1:39:06. Beill said that  he has been trainig hard and is in good shape. Beill also said that he have never won a medal in WMTBOC before. Last year his best result was in the middle-distance, which gave him fifth place. 
Second place in the long distance went to Tomas Stanek (CZE) with the time of 1:40:37 and third to Vojtech Ludvik (CZE) with the time og 1:41:46. 
Svetlana Poverina (RUS) has also been successful. She has won silver medal in the sprint and three gold medals in the women’s junior class.  Today she won the gold medal with the time of 1:22:59. Second place went to Ruska Saarela (FIN) with the time of 01:26:20 and third to Katerina Novakova (CZE) with the time of 1:28:19.


Long results 31.08.2013 (15:00)

Official results from WMTBOC and JWMTBOC long distance are published.

Start list for Long distance 30.08.2013 (16:27)

Relay results 30.08.2013 (16:00)

Results from WMTBOC relay are published.

Relay start lists 29.08.2013 (13:24)

Relay start lists are published on relay page.

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