More photos : Mihkel Järveoja, Martin Simpson, Pekka Valkonen


Photos from last day by Harry Veide

Results from last event- JWSOC-EYSOC relay


Photos from JWSOC.EYSOC sprint and WMSOC finals

Results from JWSOC, EYSOC sprint distances

WMSOC results from finals with points


Start lists for JWSOC-EYSOC sprint distances

WMSOC start lists for finals are published

Long distance additional information for WMSOC participants


Long distance photos (Harry Veide)

JWSOC - EYSOC long distance results are available

WMSOC results from 2. day

JWSOC - EYSOC start lists


Photos from middle distance (Harry Veide)

WMSOC results are published

JWSOC and EYSOC results are published


Middle start list for JWSOC and EYSOC. Added information from team leaders meeting.

Photos from opening ceremony (Harry Veide)

Photos from forest  (Monday)

Photos from model event at Mammaste


18 - Arrival and Model Event (JWSOC, EYSOC, WMSOC)

19 - Middle distance (JWSOC, EYSOC, WMSOC)

20 - Long distance (JWSOC, EYSOC), Middle distance (WMSOC)

21 - Rest day, Model Event (JWSOC, EYSOC, WMSOC)

22 - Sprint distance (JWSOC, EYSOC), Long distance (WMSOC), Middle distance (Open)

23 - Relay (JWSOC, EYSOC), Sprint (Open)

24 - Departure


e-mail : skio2014@orienteerumine.ee



We are delighted to announce that JWSOC, EYSOC and WMSOC 2014 competition will be held. 14.02.2014 (13:00)

According to current snow situation, all races will be held in Pannjärve, in Ida-Virumaa county, approx. 180 km from Põlva.
The situation in Pannjärve is better than one would expect considering our weather in last week. There is 10-15 cm of snow in terrain, almost no ground visible on ski and scooter tracks.
Event Centre will stay in Põlva. Also opening ceremony, team officials' meetings, social dinner and ski waxing facilities will be in Põlva (and in surroundings) by the official accommodation places. Competition materials will be available on February 18th at the Event Centre in Põlva and on February 19th at the Event Arena in Pannjärve.
Bulletin 4 will be published on our website today.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused due to changes in program.

Organising commitee held a crisis meeting: possible changes in competition terrains 07.02.2014 (00:30)

Due to poor snow condition in the planned JWSOC/EYSOC/WMSOC 2014 terrains around Põlva the Organising Commitee had on 6th February a crisis meeting.

There is around 10 cm of snow in the forest and some more snow has been promised by weather forecast for coming days. However, the long-term forecast is very challenging.

Therefore organisers have discussed about the alternative terrains and decided: in the worst case scenario all 4 races will be arranged in Pannjärve, about 180 km from Põlva.

If there will be more snow, at least the two last days of the competiton will be held near Põlva.

A special bus transport will be organised from Põlva to Pannjärve every day, bus ticket for single day (two ways) is 10 euros per person.

Probably there will be changes in time schedule, the corrected plan will be issued in Bulletin 4.

New information about the situation will be on the event website on Monday, 17/02 evening.

Links to the orienteering maps of the alternative terrain are available on the webapage (http://www.orienteerumine.ee/skio2014/info/) in "Maps" section.

WMSOC accommodation 13.01.2014 (09:34)

WMSOC 2014 participants who haven't find accommodation yet, please contact Mrs Taima Nurm: taima.nurm@mail.ee; phone: +372 5109 658

Tähelepanu veteranide suusa-o MMil osalejad, kes pole veel leidnud öömaja Põlvas ja selle ümbruses, palume teil võtta kontakti Taima Nurmega: taima.nurm@mail.eetel. +372 5109 658

International Orienteering Federation inspector visited Põlva to follow the organizational process  16.12.2013 (09:40)

During his 3 day long visit, Per Frost from Sweden inspected WJSOC, EYSOC and WMSOC 2014 event centre, competition terrains, accommodation possibilities and together with organizers from Orienteering Club Põlva Kobras and Estonian Orienteering Federation discussed the course setters ideas for different disciplines.

Most of the work related to preparing and cleaning ski tracks as well as course planning has already been done and organizers are anxiously waiting cold temperatures and snow! At the moment it is 2°C at Põlva.

JWSOC and WMSOC 2014 to be held in Estonia 30.06.2013 (12:00)

Estonia has been appointed organiser of the Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships and World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships 2014. The events will be held in the Polva district of Estonia and the competition dates have been confirmed as 18-23 February 2014. /IOF/

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