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Jukolan Viesti

Kuupäev: 2022-06-18 .... 2022-06-19 start:12:00:00 Lisa võistlus oma kalendrisse
EOL ID: 9346
Koht: Mynamäki (FIN) (EST)
Päevade arv: 2
Korraldaja: MS Parma

Jukola in brief

Jukola relay is the largest Finnish sports event and the world’s largest orienteering relay. In the summer of 2022, the 73rd Jukola relay and the 44th Venla relay will be held in Mynämäki – the event already has a long tradition! 20,000 orienteers are expected to compete in Lukkari-Jukola Mynämäki and enjoy the best orienteering event of the summer.


 The Jukola weekend begins in the traditional way with ladies Venlojen viesti, which starts on Saturday afternoon, in which the women compete for the championship for four stages. The men are released into the woods at dusk and the relay continues through the night, by seven orienteers. The winner of Jukola’s relay will be announced early on Sunday morning.

Only women can compete in the Venla relay, but everyone can participate in the Jukola relay. However, both posts have an age limit of 15 years. Orienteering in the relay does not require an orienteering license, so participating is easy. Today, a large part of the teams on the starting line have been assembled from the workplace, relatives or a group of friends.

Lukkari-Jukola in Mynämäki is located right next to Turku, so getting there is easy not only with your own car but also with public ones. 

See you in Mynämäki!
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